Vercel | Tracetest Integration

Vercel is a cloud platform for both static sites and serverless functions. It allows teams to build and deploy web projects with ease. Deploying your project to Vercel provides global CDN, custom domains, and automatic HTTPS.

What does Vercel do?

Vercel provides a frontend-as-a-service product that makes it easy for engineers to deploy and run the user facing parts of their applications. While traditionally developers have deployed their front end application with their back end application, this results in additional infrastructure to manage. Vercel eliminates this need.

Vercel Serverless Functions enable running code on-demand via Vercel’s infrastructure. This eliminates having to worry about scaling or provisioning your own hardware.

How does Tracetest work with Vercel?

Serverless functions that are combined into a complex system are difficult to troubleshoot or test. To make troubleshooting easier, Vercel supports OpenTelemetry to provide observability and help you understanding and optimizing the behavior and performance of your Next.js app. Trace-based testing with Tracetest allows you to utilize this same OpenTelemetry-based observability to create and run tests against your service. Like Vercel, you can do this testing in a totally serverless environment with Tracetest.

How do I get started using Tracetest and Vercel?