Case Studies

See why our users love Tracetest

Testing with distributed tracing has been crucial in reducing the time to build end-to-end tests by more than 98%. Check out how our customers have used Tracetest to streamline and improve their testing harnesses.

Vladyslav Plotnyk
Vladyslav Plotnyk
Software Architect
Sigma Software
Sigma Software built load testing for microservices with k6 + Tracetest

The visibility exposed by enabling distributed tracing and viewing tests in Tracetest enables you to see the cause of the problem, not just that it occurred.

Olivier Lange
Olivier Lange
VP of Software Engineering
Uzufly built E2E testing for serverless web app with distributed traces

With Tracetest, we were able to streamline our testing process and validate the functionality and performance of our fully serverless web app!