Every Test Deserves a Trace

Use Test Observability to associate OpenTelemetry traces with tests. Pinpoint failing services, speed up root cause analysis and reduce debugging pains.

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Proactive Observability powered by OpenTelemetry. Anticipate and test, don’t just react...

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Build Tests Easily

  • 98% reduction in time to build a true E2E test: reduce from 12 hours to 15 minutes.
  • Use your existing tests: Cypress, Playwright, k6, Postman, and more.
  • Easier to build tests, so you can easily cover critical flows, resulting in fewer escaped defects.

Fix Failed Tests Quickly

  • 80% reduction in time to troubleshoot preproduction test failures.
  • See the full process, from web to backend, via trace captured with each test run.
  • Identify the root issue and assign the problem to the proper team.

Reduce Escaped Defects

  • Create and execute more end-to-end (E2E) tests.
  • Cover your full system in one test.
  • Run trace-based tests as synthetic monitors to ensure important flows.
  • Improve overall instrumentation when using traces in developing tests.
Tracetest works with your existing tests, adding deeper testability and visibility to test results by leveraging your existing tracing solution.
Tracetest CNCF e2e testing

Tracetest is part of the CNCF Landscape

Leveraging your current investment in OpenTelemetry tracing, Tracetest allows easy creation of end-to-end tests via a simple user interface to make deep integration and E2E testing simple.

Tracetest is a game changer for catching bugs before they ever hit production, and I think it's just one of the first examples of a burgeoning ecosystem of analysis tools built on top of open source distributed tracing.

Josh Lee
Product Manager
IBM Instana / OpenTelemetry

Tracetest can enhance developer productivity when developing microservices without losing focus on integration testing. You can also use it in your local development environment.

Roberto Navarra
Solution Team Leader

End-to-end visibility from trace-based testing in load tests can help identify hidden issues that might impact user functionality. It also makes it easier to figure out the root cause of a problem.

Ines Fazlic
Software Engineer

Tracetest ensures traces are not broken and everything is connected as expected. If there are breaking changes now, we fix as we go, and not whenever a user opens a bug.

Juliano Costa
Developer Advocate | OpenTelemetry Maintainer

I just caught this demo of Tracetest cypress integration. It looks really cool providing a lot of information beyond the UI tests by also validating the microservice behaviors and allowing the dev or tester to examine the entire action in the backend.

Michael Hazen
Quality Coach | Engineering team lead

Tracetest ensures reliable testing across local and CI envs and has a permanent spot in the Tyk toolkit to ensure our future releases are rock solid.

Tomas Buchaillot
Senior Golang Engineer
Case study

I love the concept of Trace-Based-Testing (TBT). It marries testing and tracing quite nicely - why choose, when you can have both? Also, it helps drive Observability-driven-development (ODD), and brings developers, testers, SREs together. I’ve played around with Tracetest since its early versions and it’s been cool to see the product evolve. Definitely some cool stuff brewing!

Adriana Villela
Observability Developer Advocate

Tracetest is a really interesting solution helping us to build our tests cases based on OpenTelemetry. It opens doors to the testing community to build functional and non-functional test cases.

Henrik Rexed
Cloud Native Advocate

My ultimate pick was Tracetest which was a phenomal show stopper for E2E testing and tracing use cases. A phenomenal improvement over other tools in the space that I’ve seen.

Will Berry
Software Engineer

I watched and it’s a really cool idea!

Mat Schaffer
CNCF Slack

It looks like you already have the visualizations (I really like the model/component graph I saw in y'alls video demo of this) so it'd really be just the extension part. Well I have to say, I'm thrilled to see a project like this one out there.

Austin Parker
Maintainer on the OpenTracing + OTel projects


Jul 17, 2024

WeAreDevelopers World Congress

The World's Leading Event for Developers

Find us in the start-up corner, where we'll be showcasing the latest updates and exciting news about Tracetest for Platform teams! Drop by our booth to discover all about OpenTelemetry for testing!👌

Don't miss our very own Adnan Rahić, who will present a lightning talk about Tracetest's mission and vision, as well as a 30-minute session on being pragmatic when building serverless apps.

The Pragmatic Guide to Crafting Observable Serverless Apps - Friday 19Jul - 9am - STAGE 10

Startup Presentation: Observability-driven development with OpenTelemetry - Friday 19Jul - 11:40am - STAGE 8

Mateusz Stostok, Botkube Backend Engineer
Adnan Rahic
Staff Developer Advocate
Kubeshop developer
Ken Hamric
Kubeshop Product manager
Kubeshop Product manager

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