Enabling Tracetest to Work Directly with OpenSearch

Enabling Tracetest to Work Directly with OpenSearch
Oct 3, 2022
4 min
Ken Hamric

Tracetest now directly supports OpenSearch as a backend storage system for OpenTelemetry based traces, enabling trace-based testing for teams using OpenSearch.

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Get started with Tracetest

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Tracetest now directly supports [OpenSearch](https://opensearch.org/)! 

All teams that utilize OpenSearch as their backend datastore for OpenTelemetry traces can now use Tracetest to help develop and test their distributed applications. The process of installing Tracetest to tie into OpenSearch is quite easy as it is now one of the options on our installer - you just have to answer a couple of questions about your OpenSearch location and what index you use to store your traces.

Why would you want to add Tracetest to your OpenSearch observability platform? Tracetest provides a single tool to test your OpenTelemetry instrumented code as you are developing, testing, and monitoring. It leverages the observability enabled by OpenTelemetry traces to allow you to create trace-based tests. These tests can check your code, they can verify your trace info is added correctly, and they can verify processes that show up deep in the trace worked as expected.

Matheus Nogueira, one of our backend engineers, did the majority of the development work to support OpenSearch in the product. He appeared last Tuesday at the OpenSearch community meeting, where he explained how the integration worked and showed a demo of using Tracetest to run a test, view the trace generated and stored in OpenSearch, and then create a trace-based test based on the results from the transaction and trace. There were about 30 engineers attending the meeting and Matheus’ talk was well received.

Matheus also wrote a blog post that goes in depth on the OpenSearch integration, explaining how to install Tracetest with OpenSearch and how to run tests once installed. It can be read on the [OpenSearch blog](https://opensearch.org/blog/community/2022/09/opensearch-supported-by-tracetest/). This blog post is a great spot to start if you want to begin testing against your OpenTelemetry traces stored in OpenSearch.

We are excited about this integration! We have been working closely over the past 2 months with the OpenSearch team as we worked to develop this capability. One goal of Tracetest is ease of use, regardless of your backend trace datastore. As an open source tool, we are particularly excited to have it working with one of the leading open source observability platforms!! We want the tool to work with any backend, and to help developers instrument their code with one tool which enables them to develop and test their OpenTelemetry instrumented system.

Want to get started? [Matheus’ blog](https://opensearch.org/blog/community/2022/09/opensearch-supported-by-tracetest/) is a good place to start! Alternatively, you can go to [tracetest.io’s download page](https://tracetest.io/download), download the CLI tool, and then run it with a “tracetest server install” command. If you have any issues or questions about Tracetest with OpenSearch, reach out to the team on the [Slack channel](https://dub.sh/tracetest-community) or open an issue in the [Github repository](https://github.com/kubeshop/tracetest).