Tracetest Monthly Newsletter - October 2023

Tracetest Monthly Newsletter - October 2023
Oct 26, 2023
3 min
Adnan Rahic
Staff Developer Advocate

Check out all of the latest and greatest updates in the Tracetest world in our monthly newsletter!

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Table of Contents

Get started with Tracetest!

Try Managed Tracetest Today!

*[Join the Community Slack here]( to talk all things Tracetest, get instant support from our team, or simply say hi! If you like what we're doing, and haven't already, [leave us a ⭐ on GitHub]( Thank you for being part of the community. Your support and feedback are invaluable! ❤️*

Hello, Tracetest Community! 👋

We are thrilled to share the latest updates and exciting news from the Tracetest community! Take a look at what's happened in the last month. 👇

## Hot tip of the day!

### Filter Selectors by Attributes

The easiest way of filtering spans to apply an assertion to is to use the span's attributes. This is how you would filter all spans of type `http`:


This would select only the `http` spans in a distributed trace.


You can then create assertions that look at all matching spans, verifying that all status codes are equal to `200`.

## **What's New with Tracetest** 🎉

- **[Tracetest Core `v0.14.3` has been released](** This update includes new samples, recipes, and example apps for **[Kafka](, [Java](, and [Node.js](**.
- **Tracetest Open Beta is now live! [Read the launch announcement](** With just one command, `tracetest start`, you can quickly get started and enjoy a streamlined developer experience. Tracetest simplifies networking by utilizing an agent that can be deployed wherever it is needed. Whether you choose to run the Tracetest Agent locally or in ephemeral CI environments, Tracetest ensures that your data is persistently stored.

**Check out Matheus’ hands-on demo of OpenTelemetry metrics in Tracetest! [Learn more in our blog post](**

## **Integrations** 🤝

- **Announcing the Tracetest integration with SigNoz!** Read the blog post [here](
- **New documentation covering [Tracetest]( and [Tracetest Core](**
- **New Tracetest Agent documentation:** Learn more about [configuration]( and [concepts](
- **New tutorial blog post**: Discover how to level up your [Node.js testing with Tracetest](
- **New recipe:** [Learn how to use the Tracetest Agent](

## **From the Community 🎙️**

- **Join us at KubeCon NA in Chicago on November 6th!** Visit our booth, located at P32 near the t-shirt pickup area.


- We've been active in the conference circuit, with **talks from Ken at [OpenSearchCon 23]( and Adnan at [Network 11 Conference](**.
- **Community member [Abby Bangser]( taught an insightful workshop at [HUSTEF](**. You can check out the workshop yourself right [here](
- **Read [Ken’s latest blog post on The New Stack]( covering the 3 ways observability matters in cloud-native testing.**

## **Like what we do?**

**Do you have a specific use case you would like us to cover? Do you want to contribute to Tracetest?**

At Tracetest, we welcome all contributions!

Not sure where to start? You can:

- Visit our [Community Page](
- Check out our contributing guidelines [here](
- [Book a meeting]( with us or chat with our team on [Slack](

Thank you for being a part of the Tracetest community! We are committed to providing the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to succeed in the field of tracing and testing. Let’s stay in touch and continue exploring. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming months.

See you next month...