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Tracetest Monthly Newsletter - July 2023

Aug 15, 2023
3 min
Adnan Rahic
Sr. Developer Advocate

Check out all of the latest and greatest happenings in the Tracetest world in our monthly newsletter!

Tracetest Monthly Newsletter - July 2023
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Table of Contents

Get started with Tracetest today

Get started with Tracetest today

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## Welcome to the first edition of the Tracetest Monthly Newsletter!

Thank you for being part of the community. Your support and feedback are invaluable! ❤️

Ready for some major Tracetest news?

In the last month, we **released v0.13.0** with a new **Signoz integration** and a brand **new resource called Test Runner** that enables using **Required Gates** for tests and transactions.

But, the main bombshell of the month if that **Tracetest is now the official trace-based testing tool for the OpenTelemetry Demo**!

Read on to see what we were up to in July!

## Hot tip of the day!

### Using Duration in Assertions

Here is an example how to select all database spans with a wildcard selector. And, use the duration attribute to validate all database spans are processing in less than `100ms`.

 - name: 'All Database Spans: Less than 100ms'
   selector: span[tracetest.span.type="database"]
   - attr:tracetest.span.duration < 100ms

## What’s new with Tracetest? 🎉

**We released the [Analyzer]( in beta last month. Since then the list of improvements has grown to include:**

- Disabling and enabling plugins
- Setting error levels for rules
- Configuring the weight of each rule

**A major update added in the last month is the brand new [Test Runner]( resource (testrunner). It enables you to use:**

- **Required Gates (required-gates) for tests and transactions**

**User Experience improvements:**

- Automate page for Transactions
- URL warning when using localhost on Docker

**Check out Jorge's demo below to see the new Analyzer and Test Runner features hands-on!**

## Integrations 🛠️

We had three awesome partnerships to showcase last month!

- Azure App Insights [announcement blog post]( 👩‍💻
- [Signoz]( integration added!
- Grafana: [Tutorial]( and [Office Hours]( 🎙️

## Community 📣

### Community Contributions on GitHub

We’re working hard on recognizing and celebrating the contributions of community members to help foster a healthy community and encourage contributions. This last month we had two major contributions:

[**Asaduzzaman Pavel**](

- [GraphQL Support issue](

**[Adam Gardner](**

- [Dynatrace Data Source](
- [Dynatrace recipe](
- [Dynatrace example app](

### Onboarding and Docs

The documentation received a huge update to the onboarding sections.

- New **[Welcome](** 👋 page
- New **[Getting](** section

### OpenTelemetry Community Contributions

The biggest news of the month if that Tracetest is now the official trace-based testing tool for the OpenTelemetry Demo! Read more below.

- [Trace-based testing added to OpenTelemetry Demo](
- [Testing the OpenTelemetry Demo Blog post](

### Check out Daniel's demo of trace-based testing the OpenTelemetry demo below!

### Join us at upcoming events!

[DeveloperWeek CloudX]( is a hybrid conference in San Mateo California. It’ll host 3,500 Cloud developers, architects, IT & infrastructure professionals and executives building the cloud ecosystem. Our team will be presenting two talks. Join us!

- [Adnan’s]( virtual talk on “**[Observability-Driven Development with OpenTelemetry](**”
- [Ken’s]( talk on “**Leveraging Observability in Testing: Trace-based Testing**” are both [in-person]( and [virtual](

## Like what we do?

**Do you have a specific use case you'd like us to cover? Want to contribute to Tracetest?**

Whether it's big or small, we love contributions.

Not sure where to get started? You can:

- Visit our [Community Page](
- See our contributing guidelines [here](
- [Book a meeting]( with us or chat with our team via [Discord](

See you next month!