Load Testing with k6 and Tracetest

Load Testing with k6 and Tracetest
Jan 11, 2024
3 min
Ken Hamric

A major update to the Tracetest integration with k6 is here! 🎉 This enhancement allows for seamless integration of trace-based tests with k6 load tests executed from the Tracetest managed platform.

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Get started with Tracetest!

Try Managed Tracetest Today!

I’m excited to announce a significant update to the Tracetest integration with k6. This enhancement enables trace-based tests to be seamlessly integrated with k6 load tests executed from Tracetest.

With this new feature, you can leverage the Tracetest managed platform alongside your current k6 tests, facilitating comprehensive, deep assertions throughout the entire system under test. This integration empowers you to conduct thorough white-box testing, ensuring accurate operation and timing analysis across your entire system, even as the load intensifies.

New Examples

To help you understand the significance of this update, we have introduced detailed documentation in our integrations section. This new resource provides a clear explanation of why this integration is vital, how it functions, and guides you through the setup process. Be sure to check it out for valuable insights and instructions!

New Video Tutorials

Curious about how Tracetest enhances k6 load tests? Don't miss our latest video tutorial! Check it out now to witness the power of this integration in action and discover how it can elevate your testing strategy.

Watch the video here!

Learn More About Performance Testing with Distributed Tracing

Want to hear more about the integration? Check out the Office Hours we did with the k6 team last year.

Watch the video here!

Curious about learning more about testing with distributed tracing in general? Here’s another great resource and workshop with the Grafana Labs team.

Watch the video here!

Would you like to learn more about Tracetest and what it brings to the table? Visit the Tracetest docs and try it out by downloading it today!

Also, please feel free to join our Slack community, give Tracetest a star on GitHub, or schedule a time to chat 1:1.