Testkube | Tracetest Integration

Testkube is a Kubernetes-native testing framework for Testers, Developers, and DevOps practitioners that allows you to automate the executions of your existing testing tools inside your Kubernetes cluster, removing all the complexity from your CI/CD pipelines.

What Does TestKube Do?

Testkube allows you to take tests written with a variety of test frameworks and tools, such as k6, Cypress, or Postman and run them in a ‘Kubernetes-Native’ manner. With Testkube, tests are part of a cluster's state and can be executed as needed:

  • Automatically on deployment of annotated/labeled Kubernetes objects (services, pods, etc).
  • On a schedule.
  • Manually via Testkube's CLI or Open Source Dashboard.
  • Externally triggered via API.

How Does Tracetest Work with Testkube?

The Tracetest integration with Testkube adds Tracetest as a supported test type under Testkube. This allows Tracetest tests to be run via a centralized Testkube instance along with any other test types, allowing you to view pass / fail status from the tests. You can select a Tracetest run from Testkube and directly launch Tracetest to view the results of a particular test run.

How Do I Get Started Using Tracetest with TestKube?

First, install Tracetest - Getting started!
Second, configure Testkube to run Tracetest tests.