SignalFX | Tracetest Integration

SignalFX is a distributed tracing solution that is now part of Splunk.

  • Fully supports OpenTelemetry.
  • Optimized to collect all traces rather than having to sample to reduce data with its ‘NoSample’ full-fidelity trace ingestion and retention.

What does SignalFX do?

SignalFX is part of a tool set provided by Splunk. SignalFX provides a full tracing solution, allowing you to capture, visualize, and analyze trace data.

How does Tracetest make SignalFX better?

Tracetest leverages the observability from SIgnalFX traces to run tests against microservices and distributed applications. Tracetest asserts against both the response from a service and all underlying processes found in the trace. This is how Tracetest runs tests that verify the entire flow across multiple microservices.

Power your trace-based testing with SignalFX and Tracetest 

Tracetest works directly with the SignalFX backend data store, pulling the trace from SignalFX and utilizing it as part of the test response information. You can configure your Tracetest server to communicate with your SignalFX instance via the UI or via a CLI command.

How do I get started using Tracetest with SignalFX?

Getting started!

SignalFX integration documentation