Postman | Tracetest Integration

Postman is an application used for API testing. It has a UI that allows you to define HTTP requests and execute them, and then view and test against the responses that are returned.

  • Widely used api test tool.
  • Has a standard format for defining ‘Postman Collections’ that can be imported by other tools.
  • Limited to only testing the response of an api call, with no visibility to the complete distributed flow.

What does Postman do?

Postman is a tool that helps developers build, test, and use API endpoints. It simplifies developing and testing APIs by providing developers with a convenient UI that guides the user through defining API calls they want to execute and test.

How does Tracetest work with the Postman?

Tracetest enables developers to take their existing Postman Collections and use those to define the trigger when building a Tracetest test. This simplifies the process of creating a new test for users that have previously defined Postman collections. To use the integration, create a new test and select the ‘Postman Collection’ trigger type.

How do I get started using Tracetest with Postman based triggers?

First, install Tracetest - Getting started!
Second, import a test via a Postman Collection - Importing Tests from Postman