Keptn | Tracetest Integration

Keptn is an open-source tool which acts as a control plane for cloud-native continuous delivery and automated operations.

What does Keptn Do?

Keptn allows you to orchestrate both the continuous deployment processes and ongoing automation processes which are inherent in properly managing a complex cloud native application. Its goal is to reduce the complexity that has been introduced into the CI/CD process by modern distributed systems.

How Does Tracetest Work with Keptn

Keptn can run Tracetest tests against the distributed application it is managing as part of the test phase using the Keptn Job Executor Service plugin with the Tracetest CLI.

How do I get started using Tracetest with Keptn?

First, install Tracetest - Getting started!

Second, follow the instructions on Running Tracetest with Keptn.

More material:
Read the Tracetest integration with Keptn announcement

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