K6 | Tracetest Integration

K6 is a popular load testing framework which has an easy to use style, excellent documentation, and a well established extension ecosystem. It is open source and there is a cloud offering.

What does k6 do?

K6 allows you to build performant load tests that take a fraction of the resources legacy tools require. The tests are written in javascript in an easy to follow form and can be extended with a number of extensions.

How does Tracetest work with k6?

Tracetest enables developers to add more capability to their k6 load tests as it allows load tests not only against the response of a k6 triggering transaction but also against any microservice involved in the call stack. This allows you to detect issues throughout the distributed application, verifying proper operation and timing of the complete system. This is enabled by the tracetest k6 extension, which brings deeper integration, system, and end to end load testing capabilities to k6.

How do I get started using Tracetest with k6?

First, install Tracetest - Getting started!
Second, create a k6 test that also does deep trace-based tests by following the Tracetest + K6 guide.

More material:
Read the Tracetest integration with k6: Deep Load Testing of your Cloud Native System announcement.
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