Grafana Tempo | Tracetest Integration

Grafana Tempo is an open-source, high-scale distributed tracing data store. It utilizes object storage to minimize costs, allowing you to store more information at a lower cost. It is deeply integrated with Grafana, Prometheus, and Loki. Grafana Tempo is also available as a paid hosted service at Grafana Cloud.

  • Available as open source and as a paid service.
  • Integrated with other Grafana tools and technologies.

What does Grafana Tempo do?

Grafana Tempo is part of a widely used tool set provided by Grafana Labs. Tempo provides a distributed tracing storage which fully supports OpenTelemetry traces and uses popular object stores such as Azure, GCS, S3 or local disk to store the traces. Grafana Traces can be used to visualize the traces stored in Grafana Tempo. 

How Tracetest and Grafana Tempo work together?

Tracetest leverages the observability provided by the traces stored in Grafana Tempo to quickly build tests across your distributed architecture. Tracetest tests can verify not only the response from an api call to your application, but it can also verify all the underlying mircoservices and processes that are exposed and documented in the trace that is created as a result of the call. This enables a distributed test to be created to verify the entire flow across multiple microservices.

Power your trace-based testing with Grafana Tempo and Tracetest!

Tracetest pulls traces from Tempo when running tests. You use traces as assertions to get complete insight into every part of the request transaction. You can configure your Tracetest server to communicate with your Grafana Tempo  instance via the UI or via a CLI command.

How do I get started using Tracetest with Grafana Tempo?

Getting started!

Grafana Tempo integration documentation