Dynatrace | Tracetest Integration

Dynatrace provides a unified observability and security platform which simplifies cloud complexity and allows companies to innovate faster and more securely. Its platform combines a full observability and security solution with the only analytics and automation platform powered by causal AI.

What does Dynatrace do?

Dynatrace enables engineering teams to get automatic and intelligent observability across cloud and hybrid environments with continuous auto-discovery of hosts, VMs, serverless, cloud services, containers and Kubernetes, network, devices, logs, events and more - all in context, with precise, AI-powered answers.

Dynatrace has been pioneering distributed tracing since 2006 and supports the latest OpenTelemetry standards. Dynatrace is positioned furthest for Vision and highest for execution in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability.

How do Tracetest and Dynatrace work together?

Tracetest leverages the observability provided by the traces captured by Dynatrace to build tests across your cloud native architecture. Integration or end to end tests created in Tracetest can verify  the response from calls against defined expectations. In addition, it can verify all the underlying processes that are exposed in the trace span data collected as a result of the triggering of the test. This interaction enables a distributed test to be created to verify the entire system flow across multiple microservices.

Tracetest works with Dynatrace via the OpenTelemetry Collector, which is the method recommended by the OpenTelemetry community to collect, process, and export trace data from your system. The OpenTelemetry Collector is made to sit between your application and the trace data store, i.e. Dynatrace. Tracetest leverages the capabilities of the OpenTelemetry Collector to collect the traces generated by a Tracetest test and route this data directly to the Tracetest server. 

You also continue to send your trace data to Dynatrace, which provides you in depth analytics across both your normal traces and the trace data created by trace-based tests. You can spot anomalies in Dynatrace, diagnose them and create Tracetests to prevent regressions in the future. You can also use Dynatrace to view trends across your Tracetest test runs, allowing changes in performance over time to be identified.

Power your Trace-based Testing with Dynatrace and Tracetest

Tracetest allows you to select Dynatrace as your trace data store and provides details on how to configure your OpenTelemetry Collector to create a second pipeline to route traces to Tracetest.

How do I get started using Tracetest with Dynatrace?

Getting started!

Dynatrace & Tracetest integration documentation 

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