cURL | Tracetest Integration

cURL is a command line tool (CLI) that enables a developer to send data to and from a server. It is widely used to execute calls against a REST api. See for more details.

How is cURL used to test an API?

cURL can be used to execute calls against an API server. It has a very flexible and robust syntax and is widely used by developers around the world. It is often installed by default in various operating systems, increasing its popularity.

How does Tracetest work with cURL?

Tracetest allows a developer to paste in a cURL command when defining a trace-based test. This cURL is used to set the parameters for the REST-based trigger for the test, making it easier to start testing.

How do I get started using Tracetest with cURL based triggers?

First, setup Tracetest - Getting started!
Second, create a test and select the CURL command as your trigger type.